All Kidz

2 september 2019, geplaatst door Trubendorffer

I am very proud and thrilled to announce that on Sept 4 2019 Villa Kadijken will kick off project “All Kidz” for children of addicts in recovery.

Every wednesday at 14.00 we’ll facilitate game and play for children from addicts in recovery.

At 15.00 NA meeting “parents in recovery.”
At 16.00 we’ll cook together
At 17.00 we’ll enjoy a warm meal
At 18.00 finish

Address: Geschutswerf 12, Amsterdam
Cost: 4 euro

This weekly event will serve multiple purposes:

It’ll be healthy and nurturing for children who often have been isolated and have been experiencing feelings of shame and abandonnement to contact each other and enjoy play and laughter.

Also it‘ll give parents in recovery the possibility to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where they normally could not go because their need to stay home for the children.

Parents in recovery who’d like to join with their children are welcome but should register at least a day before (

Also we are looking for volunteers (with a history working professionally with children) to assist. I will be there myself on Wednesday’s whenever possible to help with whatever I can.

Donations on location of kids games, toys (safe and good quality) and pencils, paint and paper and all that stuff will be highly appreciated.

Dick Trubendorffer